2016 Year in Review

This year was filled with countless adventures, unimaginable amounts of joy and tons of love. I learned to not waste another second and to always follow my heart. Spontaneity and adventure became true values to me, which made 2016 the best year yet.

2016: An Awesome Start

Winter of 2016 can be summed up in one word: cosy. We had just moved in to our apartment a month earlier and were no longer living among mountains of boxes. Jenko, our rescue kitty, had finally warmed up to us. We had a home and a family and couldn’t be happier.

2016: The Year of the Cat

Here’s where the spontaneity really kicks in. One day, I simply decided we needed to get another cat. So, that’s exactly what we did. We headed out to the animal shelter that day, picked up a new fur baby and were on our way.

Liri has been the best addition to our family. He is playful, gentle and absolutely loves to snuggle up with us.

2016: A Year of Love

This year, I planned a wedding in 3 months. Needless to say, this was the most exciting, yet hectic, 3 months of my life. Thankfully, everything came together beautifully.

We Got Engaged

2016 engagement

We did a DIY Engagement Shoot

2016 Engagement

Was Surprised with a Lovely Bachelorette Party

2016 bachelorette

And Finally Got Married2016 wedding

2016: Some Risks are Worth It

This year, I quit a job that I was miserable at to focus on finding a job that will challenge and motivate me. I even ended the year with some solid interviews. Fingers crossed I’ll get the job!

** UPDATE: I did! **

I do miss some of my coworkers though!!

2016 Income Access work party

2016: Adventures are Calling

This year, I bought tickets to Iceland in the spur of the moment and surprised George with the tickets on his graduation day. We planned the actual trip while having dinner at the airport, and had the adventure of a lifetime.

Iceland 2016

More on Iceland here.

Miscellaneous 2016 Things Worth Noting

After compiling a list of 30 things I want in my life on the blog earlier in 2016, I am proud to say that I have accomplished many and am on my way to completing the others. Here are a few things that I really enjoyed this year:

  • Planning our housewarming party, two birthday parties for George, Christmas Day breakfast with the family and a NYE get together with friends.
  • Getting into a gym routine that I really enjoy. Though I have always been fairly active, I saw myself getting stronger, more flexible and fitter overall.
  • Discovering I enjoy sushi!

2017 Resolutions

I’m not a fan of strict, number based resolutions. I think they are hard to fulfill and create unrealistic expectations. Instead, here are a few values I would like to uphold:

  1. Continue to follow my heart.
  2. Always look for new adventures.
  3. Ensure health and happiness come first.

Happy 2017 everyone!

Always share the love!