Adopting Another Cat – Welcome Home Liri!

The Adventures of Adopting Fur Baby Number 2

Just over a month ago, on July 22nd, we adopted another cat and our little family grew by one fluff ball.

The idea of adopting a cat again had been crossing our minds for a few months. We then saw a news article stating that over 700 abandoned animals were in need of a home in the Montreal area and we knew we could help! 

We went to our local shelter and fell in love with a little grey kitty named Stephane (who the hell name’s a cat Stephane?? Don’t worry, we found him a better name!). We filled out the forms and our new boy was plopped into a box and was ready to come home.

Adopting a cat Liri
Our first family photo, straight from the shelter

The people at the shelter – whom we later concluded must have been on crack when giving him this prognosis – described him as shy and calm…

There I was, sitting in the passenger set with a big cardboard kitty carrier on my lap, when I see a little pink nose trying to poke out of the box. Aww how cute, right?

Next came a little head trying to push the top of the box open and I quickly tried to squish the top shut. Then he started kicking. In another life, he must have belonged to Pele or Beckham.

And suddenly – riiippp – there was a huge hole in the box and kitty was free in the car! “Oh no! He escaped!” (It was probably more like F***! S***! GEORGE!!!)

Adopting another cat -Liri
“I showed them!”

As it turns out, kitty just wanted to look outside. For the remainder of the car ride, he happily laid in my arms looking out the window.

We knew we needed to name him based on his brave feat of freedom. And thus, the name Liri came to be. It means freedom in Albanian (Cooler languages sounded terrible).

Liri is curious, active and loves to snuggle on our chests. 

Adopting another cat -Liri

He is awesome and Jenko agrees. He definitely loves his new brother. 

Adopting another cat -Liri

I promise, you’ll hear more about Liri soon!

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