I’m a Part-Time Vegetarian – And I Love It!

All arguments I’ve seen for becoming a vegetarian have always presented the case as being purely binary. You’re either vegetarian or you’re not. You care about the environment or you don’t. You love animals or you don’t. Well, I don’t think this needs to be the case, so I decided to become a part-time vegetarian. Continue reading “I’m a Part-Time Vegetarian – And I Love It!”

Start Your Day with Chocolate Oatmeal

If you’re anything like me, you have an epic sweet tooth. If you’re also like me, you love cereals whose target market is 7 year old children. Yes, these cereals are of course, not a very wise choice to start your morning. So luckily, I created a healthy, filling and delicious solution: Chocolate Oatmeal!  Continue reading “Start Your Day with Chocolate Oatmeal”

Grilled Pineapple Cake Bowl with Raspberry Coulis & Whipped Cream

The grass is green, the birds are chirping, the trees are budding… spring is finally here! But mother nature loves to play tricks on us Canadians and we can never be too sure if she is sending us another month of frigid weather.

This has caused a strange phenomenon to happen. On the first warm weekend of spring, people flock outside to partake in summer activities as if their lives depended on it – like Ned Stark himself is whispering in their ear “winter is coming”.

Any-who, in my very own desperate rush to appreciate the weather, the family came over for a barbecue dinner party and I was in a mood to impress. And this is what I came up with!

Continue reading “Grilled Pineapple Cake Bowl with Raspberry Coulis & Whipped Cream”