Jenko: He’s Everything a Girl Can Wish For

Introducing Jenko, my very own fur baby!

Jenko is ridiculously handsome –  I dare say even more than his namesake – and has an attitude that changes as often as a moody teenager’s. 

And be warned, he will likely be featured in this blog way more than is socially acceptable.

Adopting Jenko

Every once in a while, in the middle of my day, I am suddenly reminded of the most amazing, most glorious, most serendipitous fact: I’m a cat mama!

The little hairball came into my life just before Christmas – December 11th, for future birthday wishes – and I couldn’t have asked for a better present!

Jenko's first Christmas
The purrfect present to find under the tree!

Yet, the sassy, playful personality of his didn’t present itself right away.

Jenko began as a shy little boy, only coming out in the dead of night to have a nibble. Spending all day under the couch, he would make sure to stay just out of arm’s reach.

This is when I started to worry because – I’ll be honest – I was never a cat person. Growing up with dogs my whole life, the idea of getting a cat didn’t seem that appealing to me. In my head, cats were like plants: you feed them, water them,  prune them and pick up any fall-outs, only to get no love in return.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Once baby Jenko felt comfortable, slowly but surely he began to shine. He now loves long cuddles, greets me at the door when I get home and can’t get enough of his toys.

Jenko and Sam Cuddle

He’s like a tiny dog – actually, he’s huge compared to chihuahuas; my muscular little boy would kick their butts in a fight!

And despite his protest, I love taking picture of him! Here are a few of my favourites!

Jenko peeking
“Oh crap, she found me! Here we go again…”
Jenko Napping
Jenko napping…
Jenko Nap
Jenko napping again…
Jenko Napping
And again…
Jenko Nap
Get up you lazy bum!
Jenko reporting for duty
“Jenko, reporting for duty!”
Jenko's Paw
The little paw paw!
Jenko Getting Rubs
“Yeah, that’s the spot!”
“Stop MOM, enough! You’re embarrassing me!”

Fine, Jenko’s right, that’s enough for now, but don’t worry, I can guarantee you’ll get more than your prescribed dose of Jenko if you follow my blog.

Jenko and I will see you soon!

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