Visiting Two Continents, Petting Horses and Almost Going to Prison in Iceland

We were up bright and early on our first full day in Iceland. On the road before the sun, we were eager to really see what this country of ice and fire had to offer.

Kirkjufell, Kirkjufellfoss and Snaefellsnes

Our first destination was a few hours away from Reykjavik and was said to be worth the trek. We plugged the destination into our GPS and off we went. As we were nearing the mountain, we were told to turn off and take a small side road. The view was beautiful, so of course, we weren’t paying too much attention.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a sign. Not being familiar with Icelandic letters and the grammar, everything looked the same to me. So far, everything had been pronounced as the first 2 to 4 letters followed by blekleja or some other strung together gibberish. Where were we going? Kirkglehubja, Kirkjubooey, Kirkvalerja? 


This sign though, was different. My heart skipped a beat as I realized this sign was in English… Prison, No Trespassing. I told – AKA screamed at – George to stop and we managed to brake just before entering prison grounds!

K let’s be honest though. Based on the nonchalant attitude that Icelanders seem to have, the minuscule amont of security surrounding the prison and the strange amount of sheep on the premises, I think we could have driven a few meters in to make a u-turn.

Iceland Prison

After our almost-but-not-really brush with the law, we turned around to actually find a proper parking lot.

And the award for the most natural vlogger goes to….

It’s a bit hard to explain how grand everything seems to be in Iceland. The mountains and waterfalls are just breathtaking.

Kirkjufell Iceland
Kirkjufellfoss Iceland
Kirkjufell Iceland

When we were done admiring the view, we hopped back into the car to head to our next destination.

Iceland, the Land of Horses

We made some friends along the way.

Iceland Horses
Iceland Horses Iceland Horses

Glymur Hiking Trail

This was our first real hike in Iceland. To really put us at ease, a sign right near the entrance gate warned us to beware and enter at our own risk. We of course did the sensible thing and kept going anyways! This whole vacation is about adventure after all!

Fun trail, epic views. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland Glymur Iceland

And to put the ice in Iceland, a little snow greeted us after our hike.

þingvellir National Park

After a long drive – long mainly because I needed to stop to play with the horses along the way – we arrived to our next and final destination for the day, þingvellir National Park.

While standing in this trench to take the photo, we were actually standing in both the American and European tectonic plates! Geologically, we were standing in two continents at the same time!

And with the sun setting over þingvellir National Park, so ended another beautiful day in Iceland.

Þingvellir National Park

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