Things to Know Before You Visit Iceland

On a whim, I bought tickets to Iceland, and it was one of the most adventurous and amazing things I have done in my life. It turned out to be unlike any other vacation I have taken and will certainly hold some of my most cherished memories.

Now, if you are thinking about visiting Iceland, I have two words for you: do it!

You’ll see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You’ll realize that nature is so much bigger than you. And, you’ll definitely find a new appreciation for horses and sheep.

Iceland Horse

But before you go, here are a few anecdotes that may help you plan your trip.

If You Don’t Like Nature, You Probably Won’t Like Iceland

Sorry to break it to you, city-folk, but if you aren’t one to enjoy nature and find waterfalls, mountains and glaciers exciting, then this may not be the trip for you.

During our entire week-long trip, we visited a grand total of 3 man-made items.


Iceland Church

Iceland Hobbit Houses
Does this even count as man-made?

So if the idea of being hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest city doesn’t freak you out, then keep reading!

Don’t Forget Your Wallet

The lovely flights offered by Icelandic budget airlines are pretty much the only inexpensive thing you will encounter during your entire trip.

For us, the biggest shock was when our $350 car booking from Expedia racked up an extra $700 in fees and extra charges. They of course conveniently left these details out while booking online.

I also hope you have a good relationship with bread, peanut butter and hot-dog wieners. Being pretty much the only affordable foods available, I managed to come back from this trip full of walking, hiking and climbing 5 pounds heavier!

Hot Dogs in Iceland
The Famous Icelandic Gas Station Hot Dogs

Prepare For Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

The weather in Iceland is insane. One minute, hail will be flying at you sideways, and the next you’ll be sweating up a storm as you ascend a mountain. Layers are awesome, and as a rule of thumb, expect to get wet.

Iceland SceneryWe went in late-October and a few items were total lifesavers:

  1. A waterproof wind-breaker (waterproof pants would have been handy too)
  2. A wool jacket
  3. Two pairs of shoes (and a ton of socks)
  4. Multiple scarves, hats and pairs of gloves
  5. Sunglasses


Is Iceland on Your Radar Now?

If you still aren’t sure, I’ll be recapping my trip as well as going through specific things to do in a small series of posts.

Iceland Day 1 – Paradise at the Blue Lagoon

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