What to Expect when you’re Expecting… A Cat! 

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a cat person. Besides cat-sitting a cat named Puppy (weird, eh?)  when I was 10, I didn’t really have the chance to get to know any cats. So when I first got Jenko, and then Liri a bit later, I was learning on the fly.

So, to help any future cat owners get ready for their new BFFs, I put together a list of things you can look forward to when you adopt a kitty.

Liri the cat

1. Say Goodbye to Unobstructed Online Time

As soon as the laptop or phone is out, Jenko and Liri are ready for action. They want to catch up on their favourite Netflix shows, email their friends across the pond and snap a new #Caturday selfie.

Much to their dismay, these devices are not theirs to use. Nevertheless, there they are…

Gums rubbing against the touchscreen, posting half-written messages to friends on Facebook, sending extremely long downloads to a screeching halt, and confusing the laptop until it eventually gives up and shuts down.

Paws typing away, conveniently pressing CTRL+A and Delete, followed by a string of Js… Jenko has actually composed some very thought provoking material while “borrowing” my laptop:


And no matter how many times you put them back on the ground, they are back, faster than the click of a mouse!

Jenko the cat

2. Say Au Revoir to Any Ounce of Privacy

Cats will happily ignore you all day. Yet suddenly, the moment you need a bit of privacy, you become the most interesting thing imaginable.

God forbid you leave them in the hallway when you go to the bathroom… Though I will admit, having a warm, purring Jenko or Liri on your lap makes the whole experience a bit more pleasant.

Liri the cat

3. Say Hasta la Vista to Sleeping Through the Night

It’s simple, our bed it’s not our bed. Rather, it’s the cats’ bed that they are so kind to let us sleep in.

And yeah we could close the door, but I really can’t think of a greater evil in the world. How can you say no to this?

Cat nap

Liri likes to sleep on my pillow. He’ll daintily climb on, careful not to step on me – a trick he should teach his brother – and curl up just above my head. His little paws reach out to touch me and I can feel his purrs vibrating through the pillow.

Jenko loves nooks where he can feel snug and safe. He’ll hop onto the bed in search of the perfect spot. If our ribs, faces or bladders are in the way, there’s no stopping Jenko, he’ll just march on through! When he finally finds his spot, he’ll knead it for the ideal consistency… All this regardless of the time.

4. Say Cioa to Being Your Significant Other’s Favourite Person

Saying goodbye to your spouse

I’m leaving. Make sure you turn on the dishwasher!

Saying  goodbye to your cats

Bye snuggly babies, I’ll miss you so much! Be good boys while I’m away. Have fun and enjoy your time alone! I’ll be home in just a few hours. I wish you could come with me! I love you both so much!!!!! *fights to hold back tears*

Liri the cat

But most importantly…

5. Say Hello to a cuddly, loyal, and somewhat grumpy best friend who makes it all worth it

Jenko and Liri the cat

Liri the cat in a suitcase

JENKO AND Liri the cat

Jenko the cat in a box

Sam George, Jenko and Liri the cat

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